Student Becomes Teacher and Author

I am thrilled to announce that my coaching student Ali Washington is about to release her book, The Perception Diet. As a registered holistic nutritionist her articles on health and wellness have been featured in numerous highly regarded platforms. Now her book will be released October 2013.

Coaching Ali over the last three years she has gone to the top of her field and now she has an incredible book coming out!  The following is an excerpt from the forward which I wrote for her book:

Ali open heartily shares her intimate journey of overcoming an eating disorder. She transparently discloses the physical and emotional ailments from her unhealthy connection with her community, her body and food.
The exercises included will help you discover your lifelong unconscious belief systems which are influencing your internal psychological state and your physical body. The method of looking at the foundational beliefs or meaning you choose to give something, will help you live a more pleasurable life. Through looking back at where you have been and where you are currently, will definitely help you get to where you want to be.
Having said that, I have watched Ali rise up to the top of her profession with grace and ease. Her extensive personal experience coupled with her dedication to personal growth and  nutritional training has made her an expert in the field of body-mind empowerment. Ali offers  tremendous resources to her clients and readers.

Her book is available on the at a special launch price right now, for a limited time.



About Ali

Ali completed her first diploma in Holistic Nutrition in 2008, Graduating from the Alive Academy. She completed her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with YogaWorks in 2010, and is currently upgrading her studies at the Institute Of Holistic Nutrition, where she will soon graduate with her Ortho-Molecular Practitioner Designation. She believes that the body is fully capable of healing itself, so long as it is given all the tools to do so.