Boost Your Vitality Retreat


Callie will be presenting a workshop titled “The Link to Health, Love, Joy and Prosperity” at the Boost Your Vitality Retreat on June 1, 2013.  This one day health seminar is being held on the beautiful sacred grounds of the Wisteria Acres in pristine Fort Langley, famous as the Horse Whispering Retreat Centre. It boasts private lush space with gardens offering a wonderful display of vivid colour! This is a place that needs to be experienced.

Callie will be speaking alongside 3 other incredible health experts who will each share their expertise. iane Rolston leads “The Unique Keys to Turning Up Your Energy”.  You will be aidentify the eight areas of life and specify your level of satisfaction in each, then create and commit to a plan to increase the vitality of your day.

armen Daigle,  will teach you easy tools and recipes to use in the kitchen with her presentation called, “Never Buy Bottled Dressing Again” and you’ll get to eat some of her amazing food for lunch.

Shael Stonebridge is giving two presentations at this retreat, “My Simple Ideas About Nutrition 101” and “Re-Vitalizing Gallstone Cleanse/Liver Flush” along with starting our day right with Sacred Porridge.

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