Transformational Retreats

Transformational Retreats

Experience a whole new way of living! Come join our transformational retreat for the opportunity to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Unplug from your daily routine and stress and immerse yourself into a life changing experience. Let go of the demands of everyday life and raise your vibration in a way like never before. Learn wellness and self care tools that will change your life forever.

Dynamic Energy & Wild Dolphin Retreat

The Hawaiian Islands have long been regarded as a healing Mecca. In her personal story of transformation that was featured in the #1 best selling book in the self-help categories on Amazon Pebbles in the Pond, Callie shared that she went to Hawaii to help her recovery from the paralyzing event of being shot by her former boyfriend turned psychotic stalker.

Join Calli on the Big Island of Hawaii for this life changing experience. 
Come and energize yourself as you immerse your body, mind, and spirit with the incredible natural energy of the land and the dolphins in the sea.

The April retreat is almost full. Call for availability. Another retreat is planned for fall.

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Contact: Contact Calli directly (through the Contact Page) or call (604) 760-5029 to book a session.