Vibration of Names

Two Day Course on the Vibration of Names

Who you are today is directly related to your name. Your mind has structured you to support the vibration of the title your parents gave you.

The knowledge of this profound principle is demonstrable and factual! Why one person succeeds and another fails in their endeavours is clearly understood. In this two day course We you will understand how the structure of our mind are created through mathematics, language and our names. 

Whether you are strong or weak, social or non-social, sensitive or insensitive, talkative or shy, generous, deep or shallow, it is all revealed through the label your parent’s gave you.

Your name can determine whether your expression is mainly positive or negative.  It can enhance whether you are sensitive, introverted, solitary, unsociable, or express yourself fluidly confident talk too much, quiet or moody, orderly or just plain fussy. There is scientific fact our name can influence our character and qualities of personality.

Your mind contains within itself the potential to express and experience life on an infinite level. Your mind can be shaped by letters of your name. Like music which is an arrangement of tones taken from an octave of sound, the letters of your name has the qualities of the 9 different tones from the order of the letters.

We can arrange musical tones to produce an infinite number of variations which induce responses in the human emotions. Music can bring about depression, happiness, melancholy, sadness and other feelings. Our name has the qualities to ignite the same responses. Our name is helping create our experiences whether we are aware of it or not.  Without knowing the harmonic or mathematical principle, as it relates to the letters of the name, we can tragically and unconsciously limit the potential expression of a child’s life.

This is a profound wisdom quite easily demonstrated through an analysis of your life.

The purpose on this course is to demonstrate the truth and logic of this principle. You will be amazed at what you have never known about yourself and find out about others.   Sign up for this life changing course to unlock the wisdom of letters and the vibration that goes along with them.

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