Transformed Lives

Jesse James

TV host, LMT, Wellness Center owner
Phoenix Arizona 

Callie magically appeared right after I set my intention to level-up my life.

Claudia Ferri

Award winning Actress & Writer

I was filled with gratitude and respect for her and her gift

Jennifer Washington

Certified Life Coach

"Callie's coaching has changed me permanently"

Lisa Love

Professional Counselor & Coach (PMH CNS, BC)

“Working with Callie Kares has been a pure delight..."

Ali Washington

Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Author of The Perception Diet

"She totally blew me away with her intuitive gifting..."

Umerath Hassan

Facilitator at Sisterhood Centre of BC

"Callie was the answer to my prayers..." 

Raybo Ji 

Retreat Owner, Hawaii

"I hope she returns to share her magic with us again...”

Lara Printz

Art Therapist, Charlotte, North Carolina

"I so appreciate Callie for her magical inspiration!” 

Marika Joy Conarroe


If Callie has entered your life, know that you are truly blessed!

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