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Meet Callie

Executive Business Consultant

Over the past two decades Callie Kares has made in a difference around the world and impacted thousands of lives as an intuitive business consultant, speaker and #1 bestselling author alongside the top luminaries of our time. 


"Callie's coaching has changed me permanently.”

Jennifer Washington

Certified Life Coach



“Callie's vibration is one of love, aliveness, and lightness."

Professional Counselor & Coach (PMH CNS, BC)

Lisa Love


“She totally blew me away with her intuitive gifting!"

Ali Washington

Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Author of The Perception Diet

Download a FREE copy of Callie's story "Transform Your Trauma Into Your Triumph" as told in the best selling book, Pebbles In The Pond.   

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Best Seller

Featuring Neale Donald Walsch,
Barbara Marx Hubbard, Lisa
Nichols, & Callie Kares

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