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Master Your Life and Business

With Celebrity Holistic Consultant, Callie Kares

Meet Callie

Executive Business Consultant

What do all the elite brands like Hallmark, RBC Royal Bank, Prospera, Vega, Motorola, and many other big names have in common? 

It is Callie and her life changing methodology known as TAP (TOTAL ALIGNMENT PROGRAM)

Callie has been an Executive Business Consultant and Trusted Adviser for Celebrities, Influencers and Micro Influencers for over 20 years.  She has played an indispensable role in the corporate boardrooms in North America and gave big brands a competitive edge and beat all the odds of success. Callie has helped her clients choose the best course of action by providing surprising and beneficial insights. Her consulting work has assisted corporate teams in strategic decision-making process and helping them grow and thrive in the most difficult times. 

Steve Jobs once said, “The intuition is more powerful than intellect”. In the world of business, with Callie’s intuitive guidance companies can solve the most challenging concerns and business problems and find the solutions to work smarter.

She is known for her unique form of intelligence and intuition, her keen ability to help others achieve overwhelming success and become resilient during challenging times.   After experiencing her personal self- healing of paralysis, at the age of twenty, Callie honed her into the intuitive business consultant she is today.

Over the past two decades, Callie Kares has impacted tens of thousands of lives as Intuitive Business Consultant and Facilitator by blending conventional wisdom with the power of intuition in the boardrooms and training people all over the world.  Traditional methods of solving big problems are not enough and working with an intelligent intuitive consultant like Callie can reveal new information and offer a bird’s eye big picture perspective. 

Her skill to intuitively get to the truth of the problem has helped companies experience increasing levels of success over the years.

Through her own personal healing and transformational journey, Callie is living proof of a restored body, mind and spirit and she brings her wisdom to corporate clients. She delivers exceptional living tools and practices to people globally to help identify hidden strengths, weaknesses and explore new possibilities.
Her uplifting attitude and energy are very contagious and lights people up. She teaches that it is possible to become resilient and overcome major setbacks and failures. You can find the opportunity to grow and transform your challenges into triumphs, and absolutely love your personal and professional life!



With employees dealing with emotional stress, commute issues, financial hardships, companies are looking for a holistic approach. The TAP is for anyone who is looking for transformation and who wants to realize their potential at the professional and personal level. 

You will learn how to get your team into total alignment to achieve business excellence and peak performance.


  • You will learn how to identify and assess your team blocks

  • You will be able to remove them and recalibrate

  • Establish a new foundation that will help your employees become efficient and effectively meet goals and deadlines.

  • You will be congruent with your team and able to maximize your personal performance. 

  • You will develop new skills and have tools to be reliant and self-sustaining.

Depending on your business, Kares Consulting offers the following packages:

Productivity Performance Package

You will learn a holistic way to get the team into alignment to be achieve a higher level of efficiency and better productivity in the workplace.

Resilience and Cultural Change Package

You will develop the skills to become resilient and adapt with changing times. Learn a holistic way to get the team into alignment, so that they get more in tune with the new emerging culture and embrace the changing work space.

The Great News...

Each package is customized based on the size of your team:


  1. Entrepreneur package with team up to 10 people

  2. Corporate package with team 10 to 50 people

  3. Corporate package with team 50 to 1000 people


Let's get you ready to fast-track your business success, fill out the form below to book a consultation with one of Callie’s associates or Callie herself.

Note:  Each package is customized for each business’s needs.  This general information will help assess what is best for your company.

Image by Yale Cohen

“The intuition is more powerful than intellect”.

-Steve Jobs

“Callie, your energy is crystal clear and I’ve worked with some of the world’s best.”

- Erykah Badu

Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Actress

“Callie, you have powerful insights and profound healing energy to help me stay focused and energized. Thank you for helping me get through these intensive times.”

- Joe Carnahan

Film producer, Screen Writer, Actor

“I feel back in the top of my game! Thank you Callie”

- Rob Kazinsky


Praise From Celebrities

“Thank you Callie for your consistent work with myself and my team. I could not have done it without you."

- Simon L. K.

“Callie's incredible energy is contagious.”

- "Robert Randolph & the family" band

“You have incredibly vibrant energy.”

- Tony Randall

Production manager for Jason Mraz

I am filled with gratitude and respect for Callie and her intuitive gift.

- Claudia Ferri

Award winning Actress & Writer

"I am so thankful for you. It has been monumental."

- Jennie Garth


- Jesse James

TV host LMT , Wellness Center owner
Phoenix, Arizona 

"My whole life changed from your powerful support. I will be forever grateful. I love you"

- Jaz Gill

Lyricist, Poet, International Bestselling Author, Executive Producer

- Brent McAthey (Brenster)

Canadian country recording artist

Callie magically appeared right after I set my intention to level-up my life.  I knew instantly by her clean clear energy and intuitive gifts that she was who I needed to make these significant improvements. In the very short time of only six months I made incredible advancements from Callie’s healing and mentorship program in both my personal and business life. Many miracles have happened and I definitely  recommend her programs. 


Award Winning Musician

Callie will bring a light to your life, that you never knew was there.

Companies I Work With

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Image by Courtnie Tosana

You're an inspiration Callie and our organization appreciates what you have to offer.

- Universal Music Group


Celebrities I Work With

eryka badu.jpeg

Erykah Badu

Singer-songwriter, producer, Actress

Alejandro González Iñárritu

Academy Award film director

Alejandro González Iñárritu.jpg

Joe Carnahan

Film director, actor

Russell Crowe

Actor, producer, director, musician

Tim Allen.jpg

Tim Allen


Jennie Garth


J. Garth.png

Jaz Gill

Lyricist, Poet, International Bestselling Author, Executive Producer

Brent McAthey


Canadian country recording artist

Rock Maze
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