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When you are aligned and tapped into your natural wisdom success is inevitable

Callie Kares

Master Intuative Healer

Over the past two decades Calle Kares has made in a difference around the world and impacted thousands of lives as an intuitive business consultant, a speaker and becoming #1 bestselling author.

As she watched the lives of her clients change, she found it to be rewarding to see their careers and personal relationships transform as well.

Callie has dedicated her life to serving clients around the world by bringing exceptional living tools and practices into their lives. Callie has spent an upward of $300k in educational programs as her commitment to be the best version of herself. She combined her gift of intuition with traditional wisdom.  Her spiritual work has been remarkable and been noticed by some of the top luminaries from Dr Deepak Chopra, Lisa Nichols to Jack Canfield.

Her personal life journey has been challenging and could have brought a lot of devastation as she was dealing with the traumas of being stalked, shot, and left paralyzed on the parking garage floor. Six years later she rescued her child from a life-threatening situation while she was launching her own wellness company.  Then Callie was involved in an accident where a pallet jack hit her from behind. Her resilience has been the defining factor in overcoming many hurdles. She embraced the holistic healing and personal growth and later dedicated her life to being in service to the betterment of the world.

As they say, there is a silver lining in any tragedy.  As Callie says, “It is not the nature of adversity that is most important but how we deal with it”.   In May 2013, everything changed.  Callie’s personal story of Trauma to Triumph was featured alongside some of the best minds of the world and she became #1 Best Selling Author in Self Help Category.


Her journey to achieving success is has been quite miraculous despite the challenges she faced and Callie.  One of Callie’s favorite quotes, “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is though everything is a miracle”—Albert Einstein

Callie has become a trusted adviser working with Hollywood celebrities, elite national brands, and changed lives of people in the corporate boardrooms with her signature method CORE ALIGNMENT PROGRAM that helped her clients to achieve peak performance and become resilient during the trying times. 

One of the biggest joys in Callie’s life is being a mother to her son and help people to experience the true riches of life.

For media inquiries contact Callie at

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