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Become the Miracle Master of Your Own Life

How would you like to awaken your consciousness even more, step further into your own greatness and live in infinite abundance?

You’ve landed here for a divine purpose.  It’s in this space and time you are being called to take greater steps to live your very best life.

You are already on the conscious path to living your life with purpose.

How would it feel to wake up excited and fulfilled because you are living your purposeful life?


Imagine a life…


Where you wave a magic wand and your divine life path appears magically before you each day.

You make conscious choices to feel inner freedom and joy in living with ultimate purpose and freedom.


Each moment is filled with passion, purpose and freedom


Life sometimes can get in the way.

Things come up and most of the time you know what to do.

But there are those moments in space and time where you find yourself slipping into old patterns, making not so great choices because you feel out of flow.

You may even feel like you don’t have control of your own existence during those moments.

Even if you have blocks and stagnant energies removed or cleared by a healer, consumptive feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy can creep in, leaving you stuck.  
After an energy clearing, a few days or weeks may go by and you feel like you’re on top of the world…. but then, suddenly, things come to a crashing halt, leaving you lost and without direction.

It’s so easy to return to feeling clouded and confused, once again searching for your life purpose.

Then it takes so much precious time, energy to get back into alignment and on the road to becoming the Miracle Master of your own life.

So what if you could experience the true art of learning how to become your own honing device?


Using your magic wand, at a moment’s notice you could realign yourself to get into flow no matter what.


Living in a place of true healing and a constant state of conscious transmission.

You can embrace becoming your own miracle manifester, and shift your life - through an ultimate awakening of even greater consciousness.


All by using the Magic Wand principles so that you can daily be connected to your natural Divinity and cultivate a Miracle Mastery state?

We’ll do this together inside the Alchemists Activations process.

During the practice of the Alchemists Activations, you will learn the Magic Wand principals which are conscious embodiment practices that will guide you to become your own life guru.

Living in the state of “conscious transmission” you are always divinely tuned into your life purpose. You learn to immediately realize what steps to take in your day to day living.

You’re fully supported inside the Alchemists Activations framework. During this co-creative process, I hone in as a clear powerful channel, so that subconscious blocks in your personal energy fields will be completely removed to allow the free flow of your life.  

Together we will find and activate your inner Alchemist so that you actually become your own honing device. When you become your own honing device, you can quickly activate your altered state of consciousness to gain clarity and make quick decisions.

You no longer have to take months or years to step into the Miracle Mastery of living your very best life.


You’ll learn to fully embrace the power of a rich mindset and embody upgraded language to empower you to live consciously. We’ll determine and set intentions using the Magic Wand principles toward your big vision - your dream life.  

Through free flow expansion, you will allow the conscious transmission of energy to flow through you, and take your life to places you have never dreamed possible.

You will now be on the path to living in full consciousness, so that you effortlessly receive greater abundance.

"Callie's coaching has changed me permanently"

Jennifer Washington Cropped.png

Jennifer Washington

Certified Life Coach

Your activated alchemist includes a circle of support that triggers manifestation of your deepest soul desires. You facilitate your own outcomes.

As part of the circle of support, your Alchemists Activations package includes vacationing with Callie in Hawaii.  This intimate excursion is for those who are ready to dive deeply into becoming their own miracle masters.

At the Vacationing with Callie retreat, connecting with the whales and dolphins will help you expand your personal ability to fully live in the conscious transmission state.  

This divine experience will awaken further the Alchemist within you through powerful sacred ceremonies and bonding with other lightworkers, healers, coaches, and miracle masters.  

Once you experience the Alchemists Activations solution, you’ll realize your incredible life journey has only just begun.  When you become your own honing device, you will be living life in a state of flow where:

  • You will embody an unshakable confidence in whatever direction you go.

  • You will learn ultimate self-care techniques.

  • Your love tank will be forever full, without feelings of guilt.

  • You are able to live your higher purpose.

  • You effortlessly tune into your deepest desires easily and make life decisions quickly.

  • You live your ultimate life of abundance and wealth.

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Acceptance into the Alchemists Activations program is by application only. We have a 100% success rate with our students and the only ones who fail are the ones who don’t do the work. That is why it is so vital that our visions align, so that we can help you become the Miracle Master of your own life.  

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Why should you trust Callie?

Callie is a Miracle Mentor, Best Selling Author and Transformational Speaker. Her own spirit-guided miraculous self-healing from paralysis at the age of twenty shaped her into the Mystic she is today.

Over the past two decades, Callie Kares has impacted tens of thousands of lives as a master intuitive energy practitioner and facilitator. Callie is living proof of a restored body, mind and spirit, achieved through her own powerful journey of miraculous self-healing from abuse and paralysis. She empowers others by sharing her proprietary Magic Wand principles which embody exceptional living tools and practices to people all over the world. 

Callie’s uplifting attitude and energy is contagious. She also has an innate ability to connect not only with spirit, but through the presence of whales and other aquatic creatures. She teaches that it is possible to overcome major tragedies and find blessings and growth in any event. She can help you transform your traumas into triumphs, open yourself to spiritual experiences that guide you, and truly love your life!  

Are You Ready? It’s Your Time

It’s time for you to embrace and embody the miracle master within you.

“Align with the miraculous energies waiting for you.” - Callie Kares

To get started, set aside about 20 minutes of time, and allow yourself to envision what you want most for your dream life.  

Now, click below and begin filling out the Alchemists Activations application.

Here’s to experiencing your own divinity, changing your life completely and endless miraculous moments in your life.


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