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I feel a sisterhood with Sharon Stone considering we both had emergency life-threatening experiences that took away our ability to walk. Hers was a recent brain aneurysm and mine was being shot in the spine -- both significantly different, however they contained many of the same lessons and challenges.

Thank you Oprah for featuring Sharon on your “Master Class,” where Sharon explained that early in her career, she was stuck, depressed and spiralling downward. She tried to do her best but was simply spinning her wheels and feeling hopeless, so she reached out for support and hired a coach. In a very short time Sharon learned valuable lessons, including the transformational understanding of "I Am Enough." Two weeks after Sharon had accepted the visceral knowingness that she absolutely was good enough, she landed the life-changing role in the international hit movie Basic Instinct.

At some time or another we have all felt that we are not good enough, strong enough, loveable enough, smart enough, attractive enough, or some other limitation. (Or should I call them lies?) I’ve been there myself. I remember having thoughts and feelings that I was unlovable as a young girl. Growing up in a home stricken by alcoholism, violence and abuse chipped away at my self esteem. Later in life, being shot at by my former boyfriend when I was 20 significantly embedded the false belief that I was not deserving of love, along with the fear that with love comes violence and horror. Although being shot increased those feelings, those thoughts were there all along in my psyche, why else would I have attracted someone who would try to kill me?

In my case, that was a wake-up call. But many of us stay stuck thinking and feeling these things for a long, long time, wasting precious years. We do it by numbing out, taking meaningless jobs or engaging in bad relationships or addictions—until we reach out to someone who can help us dislodge our misleading thoughts and beliefs.

At our core, we are all worthy, loveable and “enough” but the energy that hangs on from past incidents make us believe we are not. This colors our perceptions about how much money we can make, how much love we can experience and whether we even try to reach our dreams and our potential. The truth is that we will never attract more love than we can love ourselves. We are worthy because we exist and we deserve the best, most loving and abundant life imaginable. By finding that special coach as Sharon did, you can master your own psychology, clean it up and clear out those limiting beliefs once and for all. I have been dedicated to working with an incredible list of amazing master coaches for over 20+ years and I have gone from suicidal thoughts to living in a day-to-day place of joy—expressing the totally of who I am and the gifts I have to share.

On the face of it, was Sharon Stone more beautiful, talented or charismatic than many of the actresses vying for the same role in the early 90s? No. The difference was that she had the confidence and the incontrovertible belief that she was worthy of being the actress to play the lead.

Over the years, I have taken the best gems of the systems and methods I experienced and have given birth to my own program. My five step “Life Mastery” Coaching Program not only eliminates these old paralyzing beliefs that hold us back, it also gives my clients clarity, vision and direction. My clients radiate unbounded energy, confidence and vibrancy because they have cleaned out the false and limiting beliefs that have kept them stuck and have embraced the truth of who they are.

You are enough! YES, YOU! Let me uncover the hidden challenges that are stopping you—the ones you can’t see right now—and show you the way to a renewed, reenergized, and inspired life!

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