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As I sit here in the early morning, looking out the window that is in front my desk, I feel optimistic that I will find something to write to accompany my new YouTube video and meditation. I set my intention last night that I would wake up early and that by the time I sat down this morning I would know exactly the message that you need to hear most.

Most of the time when I set my intention the night before I awake from my slumber with the words ready to flow out of the end of my fingers right into the keyboard. However, that was not the case this morning. As I look for inspiration, I put my attention past my laptop screen to the window behind it. I peer out and witness the darkened early morning sky start to brighten up as the sun begins to rise at the crack of dawn on this beautiful September morning.

Within minutes the sun is coming up over the roof tops, illuminating the clear blue skies. I am filled with emotion, relishing the fact that I have the chance to live another day. As most of you know, my life could have been taken away from me when the obsessed ex-boyfriend stalked and shot me in my back at point blank range. Today, like most days I count my blessings and embrace the life that surrounds me so that I can soak in the spirit of and gratitude and feel the favourable affect.

Even through my trained natural state from my long time commitment to my personal growth process, I am human and there are some occasions when a person or event throws me out of my usual state of bliss. That is when I need to go through my process of re-balancing and reclaiming my rightful state of joy.

For example, two and a half years ago, on January 3rd 2012, I was innocently standing in the box store looking to purchase some new yellow throw pillows for my coach. Out of nowhere, I was hit from behind by the store’s industrial pallet jack which left me with numerous severe injuries to recover from. That incident, like the shooting that happened twenty years previously, rendered me to a place of commitment to regenerating and healing my physical body and my mental state of being.

Today, once again I am filled with gratitude for the beauty that surrounds me. In this very moment, I am embracing the fact that I have the opportunity and freedom to make the choice of what I want to write…

Just as I finished writing this last line above, my telephone rang.


Considering it is so early in the morning, I asked myself if it was best to let it go the answering machine or to answer. I felt an instant push to pick it up. The first thing that the lady’s voice, on the other end, said when I answered the phone was “I’m not sure if I have reached the right place.” I replied with “Well, let me see if I can help you figure it out,” trusting that the two of us together would quickly be able to come to the conclusion.

With a few questions I found it was a woman who lives in Wisconsin calling my toll free number looking for the help line “quit smoking for life”. I asked her to share the toll free number that she had written down and indeed each digit was the same as my toll free number ending in LIFE (5433). Being in the grounded space with my heart full of gratitude I offered to help her find what she was looking for by typing into Google. It could have been so easy to to say sorry wrong number and hung up, right?!

As I searched she went on to explain that she just returned from the hospital having one of the diabetic procedures that measured the circulation/neuropathy in her legs. I listened to this very concerned woman who shared quite a bit personal information with me. I am always so honoured that friends, family, neighbours, clients and strangers find it easy and safe to open up to me and share on such a personal level.

I congratulated the lady on her decision to commit to improving her health and overall life. I let her know that I was not a medical doctor, however I am a wellness consultant, alternative health practitioner and life coach and that I help people through these types of situations with my transformation tools. I then offered to send her my free mediation, sharing how it has been medically proven to help with over all health and well being. She excitedly shared what the doctor just told her this morning - The doctor recommended that she needed to do two things: #1) Exercise & #2) Meditations.

Want to hear the icing on the cake? With her overjoyed excitement of the gift I opened up to compose an email with the link to my free meditation when I asked the sweet voice that has been so openly sharing her life with me, what her name was…she answered Dawn. I asked if it was spelled just like the sunrise? (that I was just admiring ) She answered “yes!”

The noun being the sunrise however the verb form of Dawn is also very appropriate here too. The noun form of dawn means to “become evident to the mind, to be perceived and understood.”

I am thrilled to know that medical professionals are promoting meditation, along with exercise, to their patients. We have come along way, since I started in the wellness business over 16 years ago, to a wonderful place where western medicine is honouring the fact that we can benefit from the methods that have proven results for thousands of years.

I like the Alexander Graham Bell quote: “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

Listening to this quick 4 minute and 44 second meditation will give you opportunity to be prepared, confident, and ready to take action!

They say success happens when PREPARATION and OPPORTUNITY meet.

And the best news, you are not alone.

Let's do it, together!

Enjoy & Live Vibrant!


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