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Have you thought about how you energize yourself? Yes, we feel emotionally wonderful to have the technology to see the exciting pictures of our friends vacation or the breathtaking photography of a flower, mountain, pet or person doing something extra-ordinary. I agree it's a convenient way to stay in touch and experience the world. What I'm curious about is how much are we substituting the real live experiences by choosing to do it virtually? As an international author, speaker, and wellness consultant I'm very aware of how it's been impressed upon me by the industry to stay connected to my virtual audience. I understand it and enjoy it. However, after spending six weeks on The Big Island of Hawaii, playing, eating, sleeping and BEING outside, I now recognize that I have slowly over time "slid into" the world of modern day living and technical media and away from the easiest ways to stay truly energized, vibrant and juicy! I admit that I was not fully practicing to the best of my ability one of my most significant teachings that I learned over 15 years ago when I completed my "Woman of Courage" course with the experience-based international leadership program Outward Bound. After spending one week out in the wilderness I felt more energized, competent, connected to myself and the world around me than ever before. Connecting to nature is one of my major messages to my clients, readers, and audiences as we all can easily de-stress and feel fabulous by spending "significant time in nature"!

I understand that our modern lifestyle is cutting us off from nature and can overwhelmingly consist of going from one building to another. We leave our home, to our vehicle, to go to our job, and/or to go buy our food and supplies from another big building, where we keep connected to our smart phones and technology and before we know it, our busy days can keep us disconnected from our great outdoors, which is our "natural source of energy".

You are invited to make a choice to smell a real flower that is growing outside rather than spend time on admiring it on your smart phone or even better yet, get your hands into the earth and plant an herb or flower garden..I picked up my organic seeds yesterday! I am now reacquainted with our true nurturing Mother Earth, and having her pure energy running through my veins, I have not felt the need for any of my usual "daily dose" of green tea to keep pep in my step.

It's spring, the time for new beginnings and the great outdoors is calling you!

Will you answer the call to connect to the outside or are you too busy on the phone to drink up the real live energy source that is calling you?

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